A compassionate person is always concerned for the welfare of humanity. The society is suffering because it lost loving relationship with the supreme father. As an orphan child people are wondering in this dense concrete jungle. His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta swami Srila Prabhupada the most compasionate Vaishnava Acharya left for America at the age of 70 to give the divine message of love of GOD Head to all the suffering Souls.

     ISKCON Base at Kukatpally is also committed to carry on the mission of His Divine Grace by propagating the love of GOD Head in our youth. Children are  nicely been trained according to their age group and the propensities. Younger kids are trained in Sloka recitation along with their meanings, coloring and painting vedic pictures. The sweet melodious kirthans with traditional instruments are favorite of all the age groups and so the kids are taught to chant these holy names of Lord with full passion and dedication. A very well trained group of devotees imparts philosophical conclusions of scriptures in simple form of stories and examples easy to understand and digest. Our methodology is based on love and care, making complex, difficult to understand situations very simple as per the time and contemporary situations. The kids  also love the Drama sessions which are being conducted.


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